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''Analyses. Solutions. Results.“


We aim to provide real support and practical solutions to our clients. Our consultants are talented and ambitious Master students who are mainly trained in Strategy and Innovation Management. We assure to deliver innovative and creative solutions tailored to your firm’s needs.

Your business faces an issue


The first step to a successful consultancy experience is a clear identified problem statement. Of course, we can help identifying this. A clear identified problem statement will ensure that the expected is delivered. 

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Get in touch with us


Our business developer will play a supporting role to refine the problem statement, analyse the needs and set up the contract. Next, The project manager arranges an introduction presentation given by you, after which the best student-consultants are selected. The project manager will be your personal contact throughout the case.

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Student Consultants get the work done


A kick- off meeting is organised to introduce the student-consultant team to you and allow them to ask in-depth questions about the implications for the case. The students get to work according to our tailor- made planning.

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Quality Control & Advice


We ensure quality with feedback from our review board, filled with professionals in the consultancy business. The Strategic Innovation Management student-consultants present their suggestion to your company and provide you with an out of the box next best action.


Our young and fresh-minded team assists you with opportunities to further develop your business and adapt it to the latest industry standards.


Our team consists of creative and ambitious master students who are standing at the start of their career path. We ensure quality with feedback from our review board, filled with professionals in the consultancy business. This way we make sure to deliver qualitative and creative
solutions tailored to your needs.


We believe that every challenge involves confronting the status quo.

Therefore we challenge the unchallenged to make the changes

that will allow your organization to

thrive in the future

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