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“The SIM Consulting Platform aims to help every business student to get practical consulting and work experiences to get ready for his/her career”


In case you are considering working as a consultant once you have finished your study, joining a case at SIM Consulting Platform is a great way to experience some practice instead of theory. Doing a consultancy job is also an opportunity to show your future employees that you are truly motivated and already have experience, which will give you a headstart on other graduates.


Besides getting a monetary reward for your hard work, you will also receive a consultancy certificate and a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. This will be your business card for companies when you are applying for a job. A good recommendation can make all the difference.


By working on a case, you will have the opportunity to broaden your network by meeting and working closely together with the company's manager(s). Furthermore, helping a company solve

a problem gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and leave a good impression. This will give you an advantage when you decide to apply for a job at that company.

How does it work?


Apply when a case is announced by sending your motivation letter and CV


Introduction meeting: meet the team and the client


Do research: collect data and perform analyses


Find solutions and formulate strategy: based on your findings you are building advice


Present to client and discuss findings

''A good opportunity to get the academic knowledge mingle with reality and an existing company''

Thijs van Werven


Please send your application to

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